Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The Bible says that God gave all of us gifts and talents.

I’m afraid that a gift for doing technical things is not one of the gifts He gave me.

My older son, Tony, told me several months ago that he would create a website for me if I would give him the information I wanted on it. But I never could seem to figure out what that should be. Then I heard two men on television talking about creating a blog. They gave a web address where you could go for easy directions to set one up for free in about five minutes.

“That’s what I need,” I said. “A blog should be much easier to deal with than a website.”

But it wasn’t easy for me.

And I couldn’t call on my husband Ken for help because he won’t touch the computer. He calls on me to do his emailing and look things up on the web for him.

After struggling with it for about five days, instead of five minutes, I put the blog aside and turned to the writing projects I had piling up on my desk. When I decided to try again, I got a blog set up and did my first post. (As you can see, that was quite awhile ago.) But things didn’t wind up on the page the way I wanted them.

In exasperation, I called my granddaughter Christy about 9:30 one night thinking she might give me instructions over the phone. Instead, she came up and showed me how to rearrange things. It looked pretty good. I was pleased.

The next morning I sat down at the computer anxious to open my blog and post another entry before working on the manuscript I needed to complete.

But I couldn’t find my blog!

“I guess I lost it somehow,“ I told Ken. “And I’m tired of fooling with it.“ I put that project aside and went back to work on a manuscript.

Several days later I decided to call Christy again. “I’m not sure what you should do to find it, Maw Maw,” she said. “I’ll call Jason (her Air Force husband) and ask him.”

In a few minutes she called me back. The directions were simple and my blog was still there.

Romans 12:6 says that we all have “gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us…“

I truly thank God for this difference. For, although He didn’t give me a gift for technical things, He gave it to my granddaughter and her husband, along with a few other members of my family. And I’m so thankful that they are willing to use the gift to help their Mama and Maw Maw with these frustrating technical things on the computer.

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