Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FUTURE GUEST BLOGGERS: Writers and tellers of family tales.

In forthcoming blogs I hope to feature other writers and their books, along with an ocassional family blog. During the next few days watch for a post from my older son Tony, who is helping me with promotion for my new novel and trying to help me learn some things about using social media.

Tony, an ordained minister, former pastor and counselor, Christian School teacher and principal, has worked retail with computers and the new Smart Phones. He enjoys technical "stuff" whereas his mother is lost with it. But we do have some things in common, such as writing, some of which he will share with you as one of my guest bloggers.

Watch for his blog, coming soon, about the lady to whom my book of local history, EARLY SETTLERS OF THE K-SPRINGS/CHELSEA AREA, was dedicated--things he remembers about her as his great-grandmother, along with stories he heard about her and from her while growing up.

This brave and interesting lady who, widowed shortly before her fourth child was born, farmed, taught school, raised a grandson, and recorded historical notes, along with births, deaths and marriages of everyone she heard of from the time she was a young girl in Roanoke, Alabama in the late 1800s.

I think you will enjoy her stories.  And you may want to share a few of your own as comments on this blog. If you have long tales to share, please "follow" this blog, IN HIS STRENGTH, then share your stories with us on our facebook page at shelbasheltonnivens,author. While you are on our author page, you might like to enter our drawing for a free copy of EARLY SETTLERS OF THE K-SPRINGS/CHELSEA AREA by "liking" that page, "sharing" it on your own facebook timeline, and writing a "comment" on it. (REMEMBER TO DO ALL 3 TO GET YOUR NAME IN THE POT FOR THE OCTOBER 1 DRAWING.)

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