Saturday, June 13, 2015

Back to Navarre

It feels so good to finally be writing again on my inspirational romance novel set in Navarre Beach. For awhile, off and on throughout 2014, I was in the hospital a lot and too ill to write.

I had started working on the manuscript in October 2013. Ken and I went down to Navarre about the middle of October, got a lot of pictures, and Tony and I did a lot of posting about it on facebook. Then by the end of the year I was unable to work on it. But I'm back on it now, and really enjoying it.

My first inspirational romance, THE MISTAKEN HEIRESS, was published April, 2014, and I needed to get the second one done long before now, and then get back to a historical one I have started.

I really hope I can keep my blog going again, too. I want to do more about writing on it, and having some other authors share, too. If you are a writer/author or wantabe and would like to share on it, contact me in comment on the blog or email shelbasn@ 

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