Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Lord is Working

If anyone has checked on my posts lately, they probably think that the Lord has been a very long time working on the situation I talked about in the last post, since it was dated August 5, 2007 and titled "Waiting for the Lord to work."

He hasn't been a long time working, though. He actually began working very quickly - had already started working on the situation even before I posted the last time. Someone who lived in our community and attended our church several years ago, saw one of the evening news stories about the church property being put up for sale, left the t.v. to sit in the bathroom and cry for thirty minutes, then got up and made a call that put the ball to rolling. The person they called, called someone else, and this person talked with their spouse who made a call to a church leader the next morning offering a large sum of money to help pay off the building loan so the church could continue to operate at its present location.

Since that time, our pastor has resigned to begin a different type ministry in another area, taking a core group from the congregation with him. The congregation is now regrouping and continuing to minister in the community where it has been ministering for over a hundred years. The congregation is small for the time being, but we still have a group of people, youth and adults who are excited about our potential for growth and ministry to a mushrooming community. Our "new" children's program has fewer children than a few months ago, but the ones who are still here are excited about it -- and about their new teachers.

We are not yet seeking a new pastor while trying to get reorganized and get some new Boards and Committees in place. But we have been having some very good speakers from a nearby Bible college, from some of our other churches in the state, and now some ordained ministers from our own congregation are on the schedule for this month. We do need some singers and muscians, though. A talented young lady is leading the music, but she needs some help with it.

But we can see evidence all around us of ways the Lord has been working and ways that He still is. Exciting things are happening. And as I ended the last post (and told the reporter): "We don't know what the Lord might decide to do" NEXT. For, as the Bible tells us, His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts higher than our thoughts. (Isaiah 55:9)

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