Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Life, New Pastor, New Writing Possiblities

Hopefully, Ken and I will be going to south Alabama the first of the week -- if my bronchitis clears up enough by then -- to check out an area that my agent wants me to use as setting for a novel. She now has two of my novel manuscripts which she's trying to place with publishers. One is a contemporary set in central Alabama where we live, and the other is historical set partially in this area and partially in South Carolina. I'm looking forward to exploring the possibilities in this new area of our state, and writing the proposal for the book. Then I have to finish the proposal for a nonfiction about living with chronic illness.

I'm also working on a couple of articles with my new pastor, and trying to place an article on the work of our local pregnancy resource center and a young woman who works there.

These little problems with lupus, or things related to the disease, keep popping up to slow me down. But evidently God is not through with me yet, or He would not keep giving me all these writing assignments, or all these people in my life to love. I say God because I feel that it is He who called me into this work and this ministry and who gives me the ability to do them. And it is He who gives me my wonderful family. A new great-grandson is due next week.

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