Monday, October 26, 2009

"The Haunting Truth."

Wow, what a powerful walk-through drama!

It's being presented by my congregtation October 28-31. But the congregation (members who are not in the cast) got a sneak preview last night.

Audience members register, get a name tag and a group number in the gym, where the concession and "holding" area are also located. A new group is called up every 15 minutes. A walk-through lasts around 45 minutes.

Scenes are set up in several rooms, spaced out from one end of the church and preschool facilities to the other, upstairs and down. Although I have worked in church drama (I'm not working in this one) for over forty years, I have never been more impressed with a performance by amateurs. It's as though they are really experiencing what they are doing and what is happening in the scenes. And watching, it's easy to forget that this is only make-believe.

"The Haunting Truth" is about two teenage girls and their families, and the consequences of their decisions. Hundreds of people are expected for this week's productions. And many lives are expected to be changed.

I pray, God, this is so.

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